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A few quick updates:

– Khutbah Generator has been updated with trimmer images to reduce PDF size and pages

– We’re working on a section called Precooked Khutbahs. These will be transcribed khutbahs in PDF. The idea is you can print these and just read then off as the khutbah.

Alhamdulillah it’s been more 5 years that Khutbah Central has been running. A post is coming up on this soon. But we’ll leave you with this picture without comment.



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Bismillah. We’ve given the site a fresh look. Some notable changes:

  • new color scheme
  • less clutter by removing redundant sections
  • Help Us Improve section




We’ve made some overdue updates:

– Khutbah Generator has been updated with a cleaner font and better quality of Arabic text

– Khateeb Scheduler has been updated to a Google Spreadsheet template (for use in Google Drive) or a Excel Spreadsheet (downloadable). 

Thank you for the people who use the site and give us feedback. Its due to your feedback that we find the motivation to update the site.

Alhamdulillah the site is back after a vicious malware attack.

Insha Allah, we’ll be redesigning the Site soon, please leave any feedback that may be help.

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