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Please check out this excellent and relevant Khutbah in Sample Khutbahs.



The Jumah prayer is a massive responsibility and scheduling khateebs can be a potential nightmare. To avoid any potential scheduling problems, we’ve posted a Khateeb Scheduler. This has been used by the University of Waterloo Muslim Students’ Association for a while to smoothly schedule Khateebs for the on-campus Jumahs.

There are many advantages to using this:

  1. Khateeb availability is known ahead of time, so the person responsible can plan ahead and reduce the number of “last minute” khutbahs.
  2. Collaboration of ideas and khutbah topics can be done in one place.
  3. Khateebs who are scheduled ahead of time have more time to get ready for their khutbah.

To request access to the document, please click here.

As always, your feedback is welcome. We’re always looking for new ideas too.

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